Alexandra's allegorical works employ techniques used by the old masters. Starting with an egg tempera base she works the painting up in a series of opaque layers or translucent glazes - sometimes as many as sixteen. For this reason a life size allegorical painting will take between nine months and a year to complete.

These paintings are meant to be read, as every colour or symbol has a meaning of its own. The Greeks believed that the person took on the attributes of the animal's skin they were wearing. In Midnight's Smiling the women is wearing foxtails which tells the viewer that her character is sly and cunning. The monkeys in the paintings refer to the basest parts of mans nature. If held by a chain to that character it implies that that person is locked into his own worst nature!

Alexandra's allegorical works are collected in the UK, Europe, USA and Japan.

A Step Between

Midnight's Smiling

The Well of Dreams

The Night Game

All paintings are egg tempera & oil. Dimensions on request, all pictures above are lifesize.